KeeperChat Client Release 4.4.0

Released on October 1, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • CC-1788: Chat icon was disabled after invite accepted

  • CC-1797: Rename Invite to Save button

  • CC-1672: Fixed padding in All contacts

  • CC-1807: Fixed notifications issue for new messages

  • CC-1663: Auto-logout feature didn't work on Windows when clicked outside of the app

  • CC-1808: Fixed errors when accepting an invite

  • CC-1809: Fixed crash on Windows in AU region during login

  • CC-1811: Set status message on iOS upon registration

  • CC-1701: Fixes share from Gallery feature on Windows

  • CC-1810: Fixed missing invite issue on Windows

  • CC-1825: Edit options in the background of Tab menu in Gallery on iOS

Features and Improvements

  • CC-1806: Enable Face ID by default on iOS

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