KeeperChat Client Release 4.5.0

Released on November 5, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • CC-1820: Self-Destruct messages not hidden in chat list panel on Windows

  • CC-1494: Contacts created when invalid phone numbers added

  • CC-1763: Changed text from Keeper Vault to KeeperChat in DNA setup

  • CC-1826: Prevent sending empty messages on iOS

  • CC-1497: Fixed issue with avatar removal when deleting messages on Windows

  • CC-1721: Allow to use more than 1 word in First/Last name when editing contacts on Mac

  • CC-1855: Fixed crash on Mac and Windows when a contact phone number is longer than 10 digits

Features and Improvements

  • CC-1642: Close list of options of attachments by clicking outside of it on Windows

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