KeeperChat Client Release 5.1.0

Released on February 8, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • CC-1916: Plain data in a profile

  • CC-1889: Online/Offline Status review when force close app

  • CC-1911: App disconnect after idle time

  • CC-1854: Status message update

  • CC-1895: Add users to a contact list, that was added by Enterprise admin

  • CC-1740: App crash when Reset on Mac

  • CC-1836: Open conversation when clicked on a notification on Mac

  • CC-1847: Retry button doesn't work after failed upload

  • CC-1917: Error when drag&drop more than 1 file into a conversation

  • CC-1938: Adding video into conversation on Mac

Features and Improvements

  • CC-1922: Online Status LED update

  • CC-1894: Log KeeperChat events in ARAM reports

  • CC-1799: Minimize app to dock when clicked X on Mac

  • CC-1904: Icons for generic files

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