Vault Version 14.14.0

Released June 9, 2020

Features & Enhancements

  • Privacy Screen - Admins now have the ability to control the viewing (unmasking) of passwords based on a specified domain. Additionally, it prevents the user from changing the website URL after the record has been saved. This policy is enforceable by the Admin for individual domains within each of their Generated Password Complexity settings by enabling "Apply Privacy Screen".

  • Master Password Re-entry Enforcement - This role enforcement allows Admins to require their users to re-enter their Master Password in order to unmask or copy a password.

  • Sharing & Uploading Enforcement Policy - This role enforcement policy allows Admins to prevent their users from importing records from Web App and Desktop App.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: "Can Edit" and "Can Manage" text is not translated when a user attempts to import from a JSON file. Instructions for the JSON import feature have been updated and can be referenced here.

  • Fixed: New user accounts prematurely display step 3 of the "Quick Start" walkthrough as completed.

  • Fixed: Various issues related to the privacy screen feature within the Admin Console.

  • Fixed: KeeperFill for Apps crashes when unlocking in offline mode.

  • Fixed: The Keeper icon is missing from the dock on Linux operating systems.

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