Vault Version 14.4.1

Released on April 16, 2019

This release is focused on bug fixes and performance improvements for the Web Vault and Desktop App platform.

Desktop App Issues Resolved

  • Step 2 of onboarding was skipped in certain flows

  • Shortcut key to quit in Fedora Linux didn't work

  • Improve speed of vault lockout when logout timer triggered

  • Two-Factor Authentication SMS codes generated when network connection changes state

Web Vault Issues Resolved

  • CPU and Memory usage spikes due to enhanced crypto levels

  • Thumbnail empty after restoring record

  • Region redirect between US and EU regions resolved

  • Localization / Translation outstanding issues

  • Admin Console link from Internet Explorer not working

  • "Action Restricted" error message

  • Dragging a file into the vault duplicates the file

  • Clicking "x" on the share invite popup denies the invite

  • Design of Payment Card screens does not match design spec

  • Security Question box shrinks on the screen on certain browsers

  • Error messages when attempting to share a record within Emergency Access

  • Phone number should not be required to save a personal information object

  • Inconsistency with the number of "dots" displayed when masking passwords

  • On launch website using "Don't Ask Again" open the site in frameless window

  • German translations missing in BreachWatch screens

  • UI / Design issues in Internet Explorer

  • Enrollment in Duo with redirects are resolved

  • "Next" button on onboarding flow does nothing in certain cases

  • SSO Domains with whitespace break hyperlink invites

  • Issues with Safari 11 accessing the vault on older Mac OS versions

  • First install of extension logs you out of vault and SSO

  • Mixed-case email address fails account recovery (forgot password)

New Features & Benefits

  • New "Launch" feature integrated into the Tile and List views on rollover to reduce clicks

  • Improved user interface and animations

  • Added additional "Emergency Access" delay timers (up to 3 months) for consumer customers

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