Vault Version 15.0.18

Released on March 4, 2021


  • KDE-990: Support for logout timer with more than 1440 minutes

Bug Fixes

  • KDE-1021: Errors when logging into Azure

  • VAUL-4643: Login hangs when a user converts from Master Password to Cloud SSO

  • VAUL-4644: Record "info" screen is not showing the user who made the change

  • KDE-839: Update Electron framework dependencies

  • KDE-1009: Update Electron framework

  • KDE-1005: Touch ID + Yubikey + using a backup 2FA method fails login

  • KDE-1007: Signing in on KeeperFill for Apps using SSO and Duo not receiving verification email

  • KDE-1013: Clicking to copy a field sometimes didn't copy

  • KDE-1011: Better handling of Logout Timer setting

  • KDE-990: Logout Timer improved handling and support for more than 1440 minutes

  • KDE-1018: Windows Hello activation issue on Microsoft Store version

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