Vault Version 15.0.6

Released October 10, 2020

Enhancements & Benefits

  • VAUL-4459: SSO Cloud users are able to auto-login and logout to the vault and browser extension simultaneously.

  • VAUL-4400: Implementation of file attachment support for KDBX file format

  • KDE-929: At login, the region automatically defaults to the region the user most recently has used

Bug Fixes

  • VAUL-4471: The vault stores a cache for vault_login, overwriting new user Enterprise email invitations

  • VAUL-4463: Excessive update_security_data requests are dispatched

  • VAUL-4427: User unable to connect via Cloud SSO using Edge 44 and Firefox browsers

  • VAUL-4311: Fix to allow the import of empty custom field values

  • KDE-926: DUO push fails in EU accounts

  • KDE-923: Windows Hello login fails in EU accounts

  • KDE-919: "Clipboard Expiration" option missing from Settings menu

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