Vault Version 16.0.0

Released April 26, 2021

New Features and Improvements

  • Introducing Record Types for Web Vault & Desktop App (Limited Release) This release introduces a powerful new feature called "Record Types", which gives users the ability to create records of various template types, grouped into categories, each containing a unique collection of field types and functionality fields within the record. Record templates can be created by Admins that are custom to the needs of the business. This feature is only available for Enterprise customers, activated on an individual basis at this time, because the Browser Extension, iOS and Android apps are still under development. If you are interested in being an early adopter of Record Types, please contact your customer success team member at Keeper and we'll activate the feature.

  • Generate a Password in KeeperFill for Apps Keeper's password generator is now within easy reach in the KeeperFill for Apps toolbar landing screen. Users can generate and copy the secure password or use it to create a new record.

  • Comprehensive Keyboard Command Functionality for KeeperFill for Apps

  • Support for NTLM Authentication for Microsoft Windows Customers

Bug Fixes

  • KDE-959: The "Session Timed Out" dialogue appears when logging into a different account after a session timeout occurs

  • KDE-1034: When a user attempts to switch from US to EU region at login, an Uncaught TypeError is returned

  • KDE-977: Selecting "Create an Account" in KFFA opens the login page on Keeper Desktop

  • VAUL-4721: The "Admin Console" button in the Vault fails to redirect Enterprise users to the console

  • VAUL-4516: Users are prompted for their 2FA code twice when logging into EU SSO Cloud account

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