Vault Version 16.2.5

Release ETA on Oct 18, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • VAUL-5024: Record Type records not syncing after activating Record Types

  • VAUL-5018: Showing "unexpected error" when creating account with a pending transfer acceptance

  • VAUL-4578: Account recovery failure on a new device

  • VAUL-5000: Prevent record copy when record type is restricted by role enforcement

  • VAUL-4978: When sharing is restricted, user receives no visible error when sharing and it fails silently

  • VAUL-4906: Unknown Sharing Error when email is not verified

  • VAUL-5023, VAUL-5017: Record type errors with Bank Account and Payment Cards

  • VAUL-5030: Browser Extension causes forced logout after importing records

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