Vault Version 16.2.6

Released on Oct 22, 2021


  • KDE-1150: Support for CCH Axcess native app autofill

  • VAUL-4991: Changed Software License Number to a hidden field

Bug Fixes

  • KDE-1157: Improved support for Azure Conditional Access

  • KDE-1156: Remove use of legacy windows registry key which generates a report in Cybereason

  • VAUL-5036: Restore of Record Type records

  • VAUL-5018: Showing "unexpected error" when creating user accounts with a pending transfer acceptance

  • VAUL-5000: Prevent record copy when Record Type is restricted by role enforcement

  • VAUL-4978: When sharing is disabled, the action silently fails when adding a user to a shared folder.

  • VAUL-5014: Edit and Delete actions in the Grid View don't work

  • VAUL-4964: "Unknown sharing error" when the user's email has never been verified.

  • VAUL-4999: Error when trying to edit a custom Record Type when the type is restricted.

  • VAUL-5030: Importing records can generate an app crash

  • VAUL-4869: Import column selections don't persist when there are many fields to map

  • VAUL-5001: During import of CSV, column changes are lost when scrolling horizontally

  • VAUL-4934: Large number of image attachments in a record can generate errors when loading thumbnails.

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