Vault Version 16.4.0

Released on Jan 25, 2022

Features and Improvements

  • KDE-1111: Native App Filler custom field type for Record Types which provides automated filling of native applications with application title matching, keystroke macros and advanced OCR for recognition of window content for automated record selection. More information about this feature can be found here:

  • VAUL-4907: Support for Webauthn with automatic U2F->Webauthn transition

  • VAUL-4945: Import/Export support for Record Types

  • VAUL-5069: Support for Psono password import

  • VAUL-5006: Support for partial email search during Sharing for customers with over 500 users.

  • VAUL-5046: Display changes made on the record history screen

  • VAUL-5063: Allow record owner to change URL on Privacy Screen records.

  • VAUL-5016: Allow users in a shared folder to duplicate records

  • KDE-999: Automated LastPass import will convert Templates and Custom Fields into Keeper Record Types and Custom Fields

Bug Fixes

  • KDE-1185: Conditional access blocking usage of Desktop App in certain environments

  • VAUL-5067, VAUL-5073: Secrets Manager client device bug fixes

  • VAUL-5968: SSO Cloud login hangs when the device has been locked

  • VAUL-5066: Using custom record types when offline generates errors

  • KDE-1145: SSO users who select 2FA setting "remember 30 days" are still being prompted every time.

  • VAUL-5064: Custom record type that requires a file isn't allowing save

  • VAUL-5083: Default folder settings are not viewable in folder view screen

  • VAUL-5054: Custom record type titles are not providing auto-suggestion

  • VAUL-5088: Bitwarden import of TOTP fields

  • KDE-1102: Improved handling of logout timer on desktop application

  • KDE-1097: LastPass imported custom fields truncated

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