Vault Version 16.4.6

Released on March 10, 2022

Features & Improvements

  • KDE-1090: Upgraded Electron framework to 17.x

  • KDE-1203: Added a new Hot Key for filling TOTP codes (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+T)

  • KDE-1206: Added {SPACE} keystroke for KeeperFill for Apps typer feature

  • VAUL-5047: Added Passportal Import tool

  • VAUL-4597: Added Record UID to BreachWatch events for Advanced Reporting & Alerts module.

  • VAUL-5140: Improved speed for large vaults

  • VAUL-5160: Improved 1Password import which includes TOTP codes

  • VAUL-5184: Improved MyKi import to support TOTP codes

Bug Fixes

  • KDE-1200: Crash when running Keeper Desktop on Fedora 35

  • KDE-1207: KeeperFill hotkey filling improvements over VMWare, Datto RMM and other remote desktop tools.

  • KDE-1065: KeeperFill for Apps not working over RDP with french keyboard

  • KDE-1117: Touch ID with IP restriction and offline access not working

  • KDE-1087: "Unable to connect" error when using KeeperFill for Apps

  • KDE-1118: KeeperFill for Apps with Touch ID and Webauthn hangs on login

  • KDE-1181: Whichever method signed in last (master password or biometric) is only able to be used offline. So if you last signed in with master password, signing in offline with master password works. But if you last signed in with touch id, signing in with touch id offline works.

  • KDE-1132: KeeperFill for Apps using "Generate password" has issues when loading the main desktop app.

  • KDE-1183: Native App Filler clicking tray changes focus

  • KDE-1099: Offline mode not working with IP restriction is activated

  • KDE-1186: SSO user logging in with Biometric is logged out to the wrong screen

  • KDE-1209, KDE-1210: LastPass import improvements and error handling

  • KDE-1213: Crash when setting up the OnlyKey security key hardware device

  • KDE-1217: Searching for Typed records within Shared Folder paths fails

  • VAUL-5092: Copying UID from Safari 15 user interface fails

  • VAUL-5102: Switching to Keeper DNA push method not showing correct screen

  • VAUL-5113: Secrets Manager app details GUI not showing correct permissions

  • VAUL-5107: Allow viewing and copying of Notes if the masking and privacy settings are activated.

  • VAUL-5098: After deleting a security key, toggle of 2FA doesn't visually show the action

  • VAUL-5114: Enforcement policy of re-authentication when revealing password was not working properly

  • VAUL-5153: Web Vault is saving phone number fields with formatting, which caused other client apps to crash.

  • VAUL-5155: Automatically fixes formatting issues from Android record data

  • VAUL-5156: Re-sharing a shared Record Type record that contains file attachments fails

  • VAUL-5154: UI issues when linking to Emergency Access screens

  • VAUL-5144: Multi-select and bulk edit not working properly in List View

  • VAUL-4933: Repaired Avast import

  • VAUL-5157: Import from legacy records missing TOTP field

  • VAUL-5163: QR codes from Okta Verify are showing empty fields

  • VAUL-4949: Can't type spaces when searching through the country names

  • VAUL-5185: Searching not matching on general record types with custom field values

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