Vault Release 16.8.3

Released on Nov 29, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • VAUL-5551: Extension not auto-logged in if installed while Web Vault currently logged in

  • VAUL-5547: Right-click menu is showing different options when in different areas of the vault

  • VAUL-5529: Shared Folder "Add User" search/suggest list includes people already in the folder

  • VAUL-5563: Vault crashes when a user with "Prevent sharing records with file attachments" enforcement deletes a record.


  • VAUL-5565, VAUL-5327, VAUL-5458, VAUL-5325, VAUL-5404: 508 Compliance items

  • VAUL-4772: Removed all legacy jquery/jquieryui references

  • VAUL-5559: Roboform import issues

  • VAUL-5090: Auto-select custom field title when clicking Edit

  • KDE-1308: Update Electron to latest v20 patch version

  • KDE-1314: Remove legacy Windows installers

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