Vault Release 16.9.0

Released April 6, 2023

Keeper is proud to announce our release of version 16.9.0 of our Web Vault and Desktop App. This new version includes a new design with a user interface refresh along with some new features and bug fixes.

See our blog post for additional details:

New Features

  • Keeper Desktop App now supports Import SSO LastPass vaults from Okta SSO and Azure SSO federated accounts

  • Advanced Search: Recently viewed records, search filters and more

  • Onboarding: New user onboarding has been improved

  • UI Refresh: Look and feel of the vault has been improved

  • MFA: When signing in with 2FA for the first time, there are now additional options. The Web Vault now offers 12-hour and 24-hour in addition to the previous options (every login, every 30 days, and don’t ask again on this device.)

  • Support for Google Authenticator QR code export format

  • Security Scores: "Security Data Sync" in the diagnostics menu will refresh your security scores

  • Lost Records: Shared records that have been removed from your vault, but are owned by you, can be recovered from the Deleted Items screen. The tab will only show if you have relevant records.

Note: There has been a change on our Privacy Screen feature. If you are the owner of the record, you will now be able to see the password even if there is a privacy screen applied and you couldn’t see the password previously. The privacy screen is still working and in effect for users who do not own the record. This change is being made across all platforms.

Bug Fixes

  • We truncated the view of super long URLs in the record detail screen

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