Vault Version 16.7.1

Released July 17, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple Tickets: Several UI bugs, translations and visual fixes

  • VAUL-5307: SMS support for Trinidad and Tobago

  • VAUL-5260: Payment card phone number saves incorrectly

  • VAUL-5344: Removed Duplicate detection button for now due to inconsistencies

  • KDE-1255: Touch ID setting turns off when signing in with the Laptop lid open

  • KDE-1228: Canceling the Yubikey setup and login flow gives error

  • KDE-1254: Filling from KeeperFill for Apps with German keyboard issues

  • KDS-1244: Filling from KeeperFill for Apps with French keyboard issues

  • KDE-1269: After logout, KeeperFill for Apps not selecting proper region (Govcloud)

  • KDE-1274: KeeperFill for Apps with Privacy Screen not working in Microsoft Edge


  • VAUL-5320: Additional confirmation upon deletion of a Shared Folder

  • KDE-1266: Added ability to delete account for Mac Store consumer version

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