Automator Version 2.1

Released on August 3, 2022


Automator Version 2.1 is a major upgrade of the Keeper Automator service.

  • Automatic configuration reload on service restart

  • Docker and Docker Compose install methods

  • New Windows Service installer

  • MSP multi-tenant configuration for Managed Companies

Upgrade from 1.x to 2.1

A direct path to upgrade is not available. Installing a fresh new version of the Automator is the recommended path forward.

Upgrade Instructions:

(1) From Commander, disable the current automator:

My Vault> automator list

... get the ID ...

My Vault> automator disable XXX

(2) Retrieve the ssl-certificate.pfx and ssl-certificate-password.txt files from your current installation of Automator. If no password is set for the certificate, you only need the ssl-certificate.pfx file.

(3) Install a new version of Automator using one of the new installation methods: (4) Run the setup/init/enable commands from Commander:

My Vault> automator setup XXX
My Vault> automator init XXX
My Vault> automator enable XXX

New Features

  • KAA-28: Support approvals for multiple MCs within the same tenant For more information see Multi-Tenant Mode documentation.

  • KAA-41: Support for conditional approvals based on a new SAML response flag DeviceApprovalRequired which can be set to true or false. A value of "true" means that the device needs to be manually approved by the user. A value of "false" means that the device should be automatically approved by the automator service.

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