Admin Console 15.0.1

Released September 1, 2020

Enhancements & Benefits

  • EM-4446: "Deny" button has been added to the Device Approval Screen

  • EM-4398: Addition of persistent session enforcement policy

  • EM-4394: Addition of disable onboarding enforcement policy

  • EM-4365: Support for new methods of Device Approval (Keeper Push, Admin Approval)

  • EM-4206: Addition of session persistence setting, allowing Admin to stay logged into Keeper when they close their browser or restart their computer

Bug Fixes

  • EM-4427: Entering characters in the IP address(es) allowed field causes a crash and generates errors

  • EM-4419: DUO push fails on "Forgot Password" flow

  • EM-4418: User receives error attempting the "Forgot Password" flow after entering new password

  • EM-4328: White screen appears upon entering approval queue after deleting last user approval request from list

  • EM-4232: During the account recovery flow, the user's cursor defaults to the second field of the new password screen.

  • Various design errors and inconsistencies

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