Admin Console 15.0.4

Estimated Release Date November 4, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • EM-4390: Admin unable to delete Cloud SSO configuration instance

  • EM-4364: Logging into a console that contains requests in the approval queue generates an error message

  • EM-4460: Reloading the "Create Trial" page does not allow the user to enter an email address

  • EM-4456: Key value is displayed for the "Disable in-app onboarding" enforcement policy event in ARAM

  • EM-4455: Key value is displayed for the "Restrict persistent login" enforcement policy event in ARAM

  • EM-4454: Key value is displayed for the "Restrict commander access" enforcement policy event in ARAM

  • EM-4451: Admins are unable to edit an existing custom email invitation

  • EM-4450: No error message is presented to the Admin in their attempt to remove themselves from the Keeper Admin role

  • EM-4263: Inviting a reserved domain user triggers an incorrect error message

  • EM-4423: User receives no feedback on team keys they can't retrieve (due to legacy issues)

  • EM-4469: After turning 2FA off, the setting appears to remain on until the Admin logs out/in

  • EM-4490: "Pending Transfer Acceptance" status is not displayed when a user is added to the transfer role

  • EM-4479: Reset security question tool tip unexpectedly closes when the user attempts to select the presented link

  • EM-4476: Key value is displayed for the "out of seats" event in ARAM

  • EM-4501: Login with Yubikey generates persistent "Touch Security Key" dialog and generates error message

  • EM-4502: User searches for roles in the "User Details" screen are case sensitive

  • EM-4497: Admins are unable to select user details for users that are in an invited/blocked state

  • EM-4506: Cache race condition causes users that are added/removed from a team to fall out of sync

  • EM-4508: A white screen containing errors is displayed when an user selects toggle for the auto logout timer enforcement policy

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