Admin Console 14.3.5

Released March 12, 2020

Enhancements & Benefits

  • KeeperFill Browser Extension Enforcement Update - Admins now have the ability to prevent their users from enabling the Auto Submit and Prompt to Fill features in the KeeperFill Browser Extension.

  • Two-Factor Authentication Enforcement Update - Admins now have the ability to disable 2FA for their users without having to contact Keeper support.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: The "accept" button is unresponsive when an Admin attempts to accept a vault transfer within the console (the user is still able to accept the transfer from their vault).

  • Fixed: An error message is received when a user attempts to resend a code for SMS 2FA (Two-factor Authentication).

  • Fixed: Users are unable to modify the name of the MSP "license purchaser" role.

  • Fixed: When an Admin sets the logout timer enforcement setting for web apps to 180 minutes, users are only able to set their logout timers to a maximum of 2 minutes.

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