Admin Console 14.4.0

Released May 5, 2020

Features & Enhancements

  • Team-to-Role Mapping - This release introduces team-to-role mapping, a major improvement to the way Admins manage role-based access control policies (RBAC) across their organizations. This allows Admins to use their existing identity provider to assign users directly into teams that can be assigned custom roles. Furthermore, a user who is a member of a team assigned to a role, will assume the enforcement of that given role. This new feature will not only increase efficiency when managing role enforcements, but improve policy consistency and reduce the occurrence of errors.

  • Subfolders Included in Vault Transfers - A transferred account will be replicated in its structure and content and will now include subfolders. All data will be transferred to the recipient and housed in a dedicated transfer folder, named to match the original owner's email address, and will include all transferred records, folders, and subfolders.

  • Improved UI - Admin Console provides improved UI support for small screen laptops and tablet devices.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: A "Request Failed" error appears when a Admin user's session times out.

  • Fixed: SCD Provisioning user dialogue does not display the correct user count when all users are selected.

  • Fixed: A secondary prompt briefly opens and closes after a user closes out of the "Transfer Account" prompt.

  • Fixed: The "Timeline Chart" report in ARAM displays all available events rather than defaulting to the relevant events specific to that report.

  • Fixed: Various spacing and alignment issues.

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