KCM Version 2.9.0

Released on April 28, 2022

Version 2.9.0 introduces the world to Keeper Connection Manager.

Also, we are proud to announce support for MySQL connections. Easily add database connections to the Keeper Connection Manager platform to secure and protect MySQL databases. Session recording, privileged access management and secrets management capabilities apply to the MySQL connection type.

Features & Improvements

  • PRIV-80: Remove file upload limit from SSL termination image

  • PRIV-72: Allow installer to be run as an https stream

  • PRIV-79: Rebranding of Glyptodon installer to KCM

  • PRIV-67: Rebranding of Glyptodon UI to KCM

  • PRIV-81: Auto-generate secure credentials for "guacadmin" user

  • PRIV-63: Add support for MySQL connection types

  • PRIV-55: Disable legacy TLS protocols/ciphers by default

  • PRIV-56: Allow custom CSP and HSTS headers to be configured

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