SSO Connect Version 15.0.0

Released March 10, 2021


  • Login V3 General Availability (GA) More information available here:

  • Protection against sync issues between user devices and SSO Connect server, due to a user being deleted or the SSO Connect server losing websocket connectivity.

Bug Fixes

  • KSC-350: Sync issues occurring on the SSO Server

  • KSC-349: An error message should be generated when unable to add JIT user to SSO Connect node

  • KSC-335: Updated 3rd party libraries by either removal or update to latest versions.

  • KSC-358: Updated Jetty version (CVE-2020-27218)

  • KSC-352: Ensure all Data and Folders are deleted upon SSO Connect uninstallation


Please follow the upgrade guide for updating the Keeper SSO Connect software:

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