Android Version 15.0.0

Released on January 14, 2021

Release Features


  • AN-6481: Users are now able to back out of the security question/answer creation screen

Bug Fixes

  • AN-6476: Logging in with incorrect password triggers "Password Update" prompt

  • AN-6487: A crash occurs when the logout timer expires and the user attempts to switch between apps or log in with Biometrics

  • AN-6516: User is not alerted on Android when their email address is changed on another client

  • AN-6538: A crash occurs when a user logs in with Biometrics when a password expiration prompt should appear

  • AN-6296: For accounts with a password complexity enforcement enabled, the password generator will not create passwords greater then 51 characters

  • AN-6555: Biometric login lost after first login

  • AN-6556: Logout from Settings menu fails on first attempt

  • AN6470: KeeperFill fails in various cases

  • AN-6471: A blank dialogue appears during new password creation flow when incorrect current password is submitted

  • AN-6482: "Connect" button fails for SSO users (EU)

  • AN-6478: User is prompted to login after updating new password

  • AN-6395: An error is generated when updating an expired password for a specific user type

  • AN-6492: Various issues with offline mode causing crashes, etc.

  • AN-6477: Session timer times user out during registration; unable to click "Next" to move forward

  • AN-6491: Biometrics button disappears after unsuccessful Master Password submission

  • AN-6497: Failed launch or crash occurs if the logout timer expires while Keeper is backgrounded

  • AN-6506: Backing out of IDP login and using Biometrics causes a hang on login

  • AN-6526: Admin approval hangs after session times out (SSO)

  • AN-6532: User is not brought back to original screen after 2FA session timeout occurs

  • AN-6573: Enterprise invite sends new user in loop

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