Android Version 16.4.1

Released on April 29, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • AN-6677: Crash during SSO registration flow

  • AN-7282: Missing record type icons in list view

  • AN-7155: Unable to login to SSO account hosted in AU region

  • AN-7258: Crash when saving a custom record type

  • AN-6821: Remove URL validation rules that prevented saving URLs such as https://localhost:8080/

  • AN-7265: Crash when clearing out an invited user field in shared folder

  • AN-7318: Crash when a payment card has a null card number

  • AN-7153: File upload disappears from record when the notification tray is open

  • AN-7081: Crash when removing linked record types at certain timing

  • AN-6683: Custom logout timer causing login hang and value not being saved

  • AN-7252: Save button missing in Arabic/Hebrew language modes

  • AN-6746: Generated password complexity still enforced after user removed from role

  • AN-7183: Unable to purchase storage from new Record Type record

  • AN-7143: Fallback to CBC decryption mode for legacy records

  • AN-6956: Government access notice not triggered during SSO login flow

  • AN-7268: Eyeball icon not changing when toggling field mask on record types

  • AN-6811: Expired storage plan is not reflected correctly

  • AN-7308: Ensure record in shared folders can fallback to CBC encryption mode when necessary

  • AN-7346: Saving record edits causes duplicate fields if editing a record, backing out, editing again

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