Android Version 14.5.40

Released April 7, 2020

Benefits & Enhancements

  • Single Tap to Open Record URL - A single tap of a record's URL will open a dialog allowing the user to choose whether to open the site with a browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome), with Keeper, or copy the URL to the clipboard.

  • Updated Privacy Policy - By clicking on a URL from the Help or Registration screens, users are directed to view our updated privacy on the Keeper website.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Autofill is not working correctly for TOTP and phone number fields on both the LinkedIn and Twitter applications.

  • Fixed: A crash occurs when a user attempts to take a photo for their Keeper profile.

  • Fixed: A white field blocks the users ability to view the KeeperFill keyboard on Huawei devices.

  • Fixed: A blank pop-up appears when a EU account shares a record with a US account.

  • Fixed: Various scenarios related to KeeperFill cause a crash to occur on Huawei devices.

  • Fixed: Users aren't prompted to select a duration upon enabling KeeperDNA as their Two-Factor Authentication method.

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