iOS Version 15.0.0

Released on December 21, 2020

Video Overview of 15.0.0

Features and Improvements

  • IOS-5469: Login V3 General Availability (GA) More information available here:

  • Support for Keeper SSO Cloud

  • New "Password Zoom" when press-and-hold on a password field

  • New "Password Update" screen to show Old and New password after change

Bug Fixes

  • IOS-4668: Client fails to cache the enterprise public key

  • IOS-5547: Numeric keypad is presented in create account verification screen instead of alphanumeric keypad preventing user from proceeding forward

  • IOS-5672: "Invalid email" error message appears when user taps "Send Email" method for device approval

  • IOS-5655: User unable to dismiss keyboard and tap "Next" button during Forgot Password flow

  • IOS-5638: User experiences login loop when using Biometric login when Yuibkey 2FA is enabled

  • IOS-5645: Yubikey popup appears behind keyboard on device verification

  • IOS-5644: Logging in with FaceID and 2FA prompts user for master password entry

  • IOS-5621: Client update message appears when user attempts App Switcher mode

  • IOS-5583: Text key appears in error message when user submits incorrect verification code

  • IOS-5582: "Add Account" button incorrectly directs user to "Create Account" screen

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