iOS Version 15.0.1

Released on December 30, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • IOS-5802: Keeper DNA push method with Apple Watch fails

  • IOS-5791: Keeper "Quick Start" module fails to appear after account creation

  • IOS-5801: Device Approval notification fails to appear on iOS devices when a user attempts to login to another platform or device

  • IOS-5821: Identity and Payment Info fails to automatically sync after update to iOS v15

  • IOS-5818: Biometric login fails to automatically launch after initiating KeeperFill

  • IOS-5827: "Back" button causes a crash in some cases

  • IOS-5826: Enabling "BOLD" text within Accessibility settings causes KeeperFill to fail

  • IOS-5817: User receives "Master Password Required" prompt repeatedly after initial login

  • IOS-5825: Error message appears at 2FA screen after update to iOS v15 with Biometric login enabled

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