iOS Version 15.4.0

ETA Release April 30, 2021

New Features & Improvements

  • iOS 14 Widget - When enabled, an account security overview is displayed on the user's home screen containing the following data:

    • Password Strength Score

    • Password Reuse Score

    • Number of Breached Records

    • BreachWatch - Enabled/Disabled

    • Two-Factor Authentication - Enabled/Disabled

  • IOS-5942: Keeper automatically fills the user's email address during account recovery

Bug Fixes

  • IOS-5931: Users are prompted to reset Keeper after initiating account recovery on initial login

  • IOS-5929: Error message received with text key on attempt to login to KeeperFill with a locked account

  • IOS-5926: Users are prompted for their Master Password after Face ID and KeeperDNA authentication are successful

  • IOS-5854: Record history appears blank after the user changes the record password

  • IOS-5922: Keeper Push pop-up fails to dismiss after a selection is made

  • IOS-5920: "Encryption Error" occurs when the user attempts to change their Master Password while in offline mode

  • IOS-5936: Users are unable to tap the "Change Password" button in Keeper's in-app browser

  • IOS-5873: The "Reset Master Password" screen persists after session timeout without an error message

  • IOS-5952: Attempting to login after device approval via email generates an error message

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