iOS Version 16.4.0

Release ETA March 18, 2022

New Features

Keeper for iOS now supports FIDO2 WebAuthn for two-factor authentication using NFC and plug-in devices, such as the Yubikey NFC device.

A video of the setup and login process can be seen in the video demo below:

Prompt Frequency and Offline Access

The FIDO2 WebAuthn device will be required for login based on the configuration of the first 2FA method. For example:

  • If the first 2FA method is set to "Prompt Every Login", then the Yubikey will be required on every login, and offline login will be disabled.

  • If the first 2FA method is set to "Every 30 days", then the Yubikey will be required every 30 days, and offline login will be disabled.

  • If the first 2FA method is set to "Remember Forever", then the Yubikey will only be required one time on each new device. Offline vault login will be enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • IOS-6364: Crash after leaving the sharing screen, auto-logout

  • IOS-6173: Icons for all record types in the trash bin are the same

  • IOS-6361: Scanned text is not applied in notes for Record Types

  • IOS-6302: Long folder names are being cut off

  • IOS-6367: V3 records shared from iOS are not appearing on Android

  • IOS-6358: User unable to edit a record if the file upload limit has been reached

  • IOS-6363: User unable to create a record from the 3D Touch menu

  • IOS-6374: Master Password screen displayed when home-out from 2FA screen during biometric login flow

  • IOS-6350: Phone number for Contact Record Type looks wrong

  • IOS-6383: Autofill runs out of memory and crashes with large accounts

  • IOS-6295: Attachment goes missing after restoring a record

  • IOS-6405: Changing color on record then immediately making an edit fails

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