iOS Version 14.3.0

Release date: March 30, 2019 (7-day phased release)

Improvements & Benefits

  • New security question workflow, new users must select a "Custom" security Q&A

  • You can now filter and sort records while searching

  • New Duo Security login screen design

  • Remove unsupported features from Duo screen based on Enterprise Duo settings

  • All record deletion prompts are now consistent across screens

  • KeeperFill UI improvements when no matching records found

  • Localization improvement in Arabic and Hebrew

  • Family Plan upgrade paths improved

  • Improved purchase flow path when changing devices

Bug Fixes

  • Removed redundant login event data to Advanced Reporting & Alerts Module

  • EU Account login issues

  • Enterprise enforcement error messages clarified during sharing

  • Audit scoring not matching exactly to the Web Vault audit screens

  • Remove "Restore Purchase" button for Enterprise users

  • Resolved "Restore Purchase" issues for consumers

Coming Soon

iOS Version 14.3.1 will include a series of UI improvements to KeeperFill, such as multi-account switching. Version 14.4 will support the new BreachWatch for Business capabilities.

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