iOS Version 14.9.0

Released February 11, 2020

Features & Benefits

  • Light/Dark Mode Configuration - With this release, users have the option to choose between two appearance modes, which are available in Keeper's application Settings menu. The app can adapt to the Light or Dark appearance mode that is selected on your device by choosing "Use Device Settings". Alternatively, users have the option to keep the familiar style and theme of the app by choosing the "Classic" mode.

  • Privacy Notice Update - Our privacy notice and certification status, including a TRUSTe seal (Privacy Shield Verification Program) have been updated within the Registration and Help screens.

  • Master Password & Security Answer Character Length Enforcement - For added security purposes, the minimum character length for users' Master Password has increased to 10, while the minimum character length for a Security Answer has increased to 8.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Various design inconsistencies.

  • Fixed: Issues causing certain buttons to be unresponsive.

  • Fixed: Some areas containing translations discrepancies.

  • Fixed: When a user attempts to save a record attachment as an image a crash occurs.

  • Fixed: When a user is prompted for DUO enrollment in Account Selection View, a crash occurs.

  • Fixed: Upon launching the KeeperFill browser extension, the user does not receive visual feedback/popup if they have entered an invalid DUO code at login.

  • Fixed: Users are unable to use alternative Two-Factor Authentication methods (text message or TOTP) upon tapping cancel when the Yubikey prompt appears.

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