Keeper SSO Connect® Cloud

Enhance and Extend Your SSO and Passwordless Solution
Keeper SSO Connect is a 100% Cloud-based SAML 2.0 service that seamlessly and quickly integrates with your existing SSO and Passwordless solution - enhancing and extending it with zero-knowledge password management and encryption.
This guide provides step by step instructions on configuration and setup of your SSO Connect Cloud environment.
Keeper SSO Connect® Cloud leverages Keeper’s zero-knowledge security architecture to securely and seamlessly authenticate users into their Keeper Vault and dynamically provision user vaults to the platform. Keeper supports all popular SSO IdP platforms such as Okta, Microsoft Azure, Google Workspace, Centrify, Duo, OneLogin, Ping Identity, JumpCloud and many more.
In addition to SSO providers, Keeper also seamlessly integrates with all popular Passwordless authentication platforms that support SAML 2.0.

Why Keeper SSO Connect

Pairing your SSO solution with Keeper's secure password manager solves several major functional and security gaps.
Use Case
Keeper Password Manager
SSO Identity Provider
Password-Based Apps
Shared Passwords & Secrets
Encrypted Data Storage
Social Media Sites
Native Apps
Offline Access
SSH Keys
Encrypted Private Files
Zero-Knowledge Encryption
SAML-Based Apps
✅ [via SSO Connect Cloud]

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IdP Compatibility

Keeper SSO Connect, included with Keeper Enterprise, seamlessly integrates with all popular SSO IdP platforms including Office365, Entra ID / Azure AD, ADFS, Google Workspace, Okta, Ping, JumpCloud, Centrify, OneLogin, F5 BIG-IP APM and more.
Identity Provider Compatibility

Passwordless Compatibility

Keeper SSO Connect Cloud also seamlessly integrates with all popular Passwordless platforms including Duo, HYPR, Trusona, Octopus, Traitware, Veridium and many more.
We're here to help. Please reach out to your Keeper account manager to discuss implementation.
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