How to configure Keeper SSO Connect Cloud with Centrify for seamless and secure SAML 2.0 authentication.
Be sure to have already performed the steps in the Admin Console Configuration section.


Login to the Centrify Admin portal via the cloud login.
Switch to the Admin Portal from the pull down menu.
Close the Quick Start Wizard if it pops up. Select Apps from the menu then Add Web Apps.
On the Add Web Apps window, select the Custom tab and then scroll down and choose Add for SAML.
Select Yes to “Do you want to add this application?”.
Close the Add Web Apps Window.
The next step is to upload Keeper’s SSO Metadata to Centrify. On the Keeper Admin Console, export the SAML Metadata file
Go to View -> Export Metadata
In the SAML Application Settings section in Centrify, select Upload SP Metadata.
Select Upload SP Metadata from a file and browse for the KeeperSSOMetadata.xml file. Select Ok.
Download the Identity Provider SAML Metadata. This will be uploaded to Keeper SSO Connect.
On the Description section enter Keeper SSO Connect in the Application Name field and select Security in the Category field.
Download the Keeper logo. Select Select Logo and upload the Keeper logo (keeper60x60.png).
On the User Access section select the roles that can access the Keeper App:
Under the Account Mapping section, select "Use the following..." and input mail.
On the Advanced section, append the script to include the following lines of code:
setAttribute("Email", LoginUser.Get("mail"));
setAttribute("First", LoginUser.FirstName);
setAttribute("Last", LoginUser.LastName);
    The above script reads the display name from the User Account section. The FirstName attribute is parsed from the first string of DisplayName and the LastName attribute is parsed from the second string of DisplayName.
Select Save to finish the setup.
Upload the Identity Provider SAML Metadata file into the Keeper SSO Connect Cloud instance interface by dragging and dropping the file into the edit screen:
When upload is complete, revert back one screen. The SSO integration is ready to test.
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