How to configure Keeper SSO Connect Cloud with F5 BIG-IP APM for seamless and secure SAML 2.0 authentication.
Be sure to have already performed the steps in the Admin Console Configuration section.


On the F5 BIG-IP APM, configure a new SAML IdP service for your Keeper platform: Go to Access Policy -> SAML -> BIG-IP as IdP -> Local IdP services
Navigate to: Access Policy > SAML : BIG-IP as IdP - Local IdP Services. Select your applicable IdP connection point and "Export Metadata".
Import the Metadata file extracted from F5 BIG-IP APM into SSO Connect Cloud instance and select F5 as the IDP Type.
Select Save to save the configuration and verify all settings look correct. Export the Keeper SSO Connect Cloud Metadata file for configuration of F5 BIG-IP APM from the Export Metadata link.
Your Keeper SSO Connect setup is now complete!
Last modified 11mo ago
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