Migration from On-Prem
Migration from SSO Connect On-Prem to SSO Connect Cloud
The Keeper team is working on a seamless transition feature from SSO Connect On-Prem to SSO Connect Cloud, however this is currently in development. The current process to transition is the following:
  • User ensures that Account Recover (Security Question & Answer) is properly set by visiting the Vault > Settings > Reset Security Q&A
  • Move user from SSO node to non-SSO (root) node in the Admin Console
  • User performs "Forgot password" account recovery
  • Move user into SSO Cloud-enabled node
  • User signs into vault with SSO Domain for cloud-enabled node
Do not attempt to migrate your SSO users to Cloud SSO until discussing a migration plan with the Keeper Team. Also, do not delete existing SSO On-Prem environments without consulting with our Support Team.
Last modified 1mo ago
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