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End-User Login Flow

Keeper Vault Login Flow (SP-Initiated Connection)

Users can access their Keeper data directly from the Web Vault, Mobile App or Desktop App.
For example, from the Web App, visit
Select Use Enterprise SSO Login
**Then enter the Enterprise Domain as provided by the Keeper Administrator and select Connect**.
To complete the user's profile, they must select a security question and answer.
Mobile app users can use the same flow by selecting Enterprise SSO Login during signup.
After account signup, the user is immediately logged into their Keeper Vault. Users will be presented with a quick start guide and helpful setup instructions.
Under the Account screen, you will see that the account is activated on the Keeper Business license.

Email Confirmation

When users are dynamically provisioned via Keeper SSO Connect, they will receive an email confirmation that contains helpful information including download links, Web Vault link and the Enterprise Domain info which is necessary to access Keeper from a new device.
If you would like to send users a hyperlink directly to the SSO Login screen of the Web Vault, you can use the following format:
Replace xxxxx with the name of the Enterprise Domain that has been assigned in the Admin Console. - If you are hosted in our .eu domain, use
- If you are hosted in our domain, use