Installation and Setup

Steps to install and set up Keeper SSO Connect

The basic steps for setting up Keeper SSO Connect are listed in the steps below. Detailed instructions are annotated further in this guide.


In order to successfully complete the SSO Connect setup in the fastest possible time, please have the below items prepared:

  1. Access to a Windows or Linux instance to run the service

  2. Access to either a wildcard SSL certificate or ability to generate a new SSL cert for the endpoint (e.g.

  3. Ability to configure https browser traffic from the end-user's browser to the service

Setup Steps

Once you have met the pre-requisites above, the setup steps are as follows:

  1. Enable SSO Connect from the Keeper Admin Console

  2. Install Keeper SSO Connect on your server (any cloud or on-prem Windows/Linux instance)

  3. Configure Keeper SSO Connect with the Identity Provider