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Keeper SSO Connect is a SAML 2.0 application which leverages Keeper’s zero-knowledge security architecture to securely and seamlessly authenticate users into their Keeper Vault and dynamically provision users to the platform. Keeper SSO Connect works with popular SSO IdP platforms such as G Suite, Microsoft AD FS / Azure, F5 BIG-IP APM, Okta, Centrify, OneLogin, Ping Identity and CAS to provide businesses the utmost in authentication flexibility. Keeper SSO Connect is a software application that is installed on the enterprise’s on-premise, private or cloud servers. Users encryption keys are generated dynamically by Keeper SSO Connect, encrypted and stored locally on the installed server, providing the customer with full control over the encryption keys that are used to encrypt and decrypt their digital vaults. The Keeper SSO Connect service application can be installed on a private on-premise or cloud-based server. Windows and Linux-based operating systems are supported. On Microsoft Windows environments, the Keeper SSO Connect application runs as a standard Windows service. This ensures the service won't exit when anyone logs off the PC and will automatically start up upon reboot. It can also be configured for High Availability (HA). In order to ensure the service is always active, Keeper SSO connect can be installed on multiple servers that sit behind a load balancer.