Browser Extension Version 15.0.1

Release ETA November 11, 2020

v15 Installation Note

The Keeper Browser Extension supporting SSO Connect Cloud is available as a new download from the respective app store on Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

  • New extension v15 is required for SSO Connect Cloud customers

  • Both v14 and v15 will be maintained during the first phase of deployment

  • Migration from v14 to v15 is planned for November


Please ensure only one extension is running at a time. Having multiple Keeper extensions will cause conflicts and errors.

Send any issues to

Bug Fixes

  • (Multiple Tickets) login scenarios improved for Cloud SSO user authentication in US and EU regions.

  • BE-3593: Filling from Search doesn't work

  • BE-3577: Add additional protections to prevent auto-submit loops

  • BE-3681: Error "This object no longer exists"

  • BE-3611: Admin device approval fails for Cloud SSO user with the Account Transfer enforcement policy enabled

  • BE-3605: Logging into the Web Vault fails to automatically log user into the browser extension when 2FA is enabled (extension v15)

  • BE- 3606: User unable to login with Cloud SSO after switching between accounts

  • BE-3603: Upgrading Firefox browser extension from version 14.4.0 to 15.0.0 causes several extension settings to reset

  • BE-3601: Autofill fails when "Require Re-Authentication" enforcement policies are enabled

  • BE-3604: Duo push doesn't work from first attempt on a new install

  • BE-2830: Login on

  • BE-3618: Login on


  • BE-3677: Right-click menu show more than 5 credit cards

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