Vault Version 16.2.0

Released on September 14, 2021

New Features & Improvements

  • Support for Azure Conditional Access on the Keeper Desktop application for users who login with Single Sign On. Previously, Azure Conditional Access policies could not be added to Keeper.

  • Increased the number of special characters used in the password generator to this set:


  • Support for cookie persistence on the Keeper Desktop application for users who login with Single Sign On. This reduces friction and steps for users who sign in often.

  • Support for additional SAML SSO identity providers and elimination of any browser type recognition issues.

  • Keeper Desktop now allows users to remain logged into their SSO identity provider. If you choose to remove Single Logout (SLO) from the SSO configuration, the user will not be logged out of their identity provider when they logout from Keeper. For more information about Single Logout configuration see the link below:

  • 🇺🇸 Support for the Amazon AWS GovCloud environment. Keeper is currently FedRAMP in-process and public sector entities can now establish their Keeper tenant in the GovCloud environment. Contact the public sector sales team at for more information.

  • Support for the upcoming Compliance Reports feature. The Vault will encrypt appropriate compliance data from records and send it to the Admin Console. There is no change to the end user experience in the Vault.

  • Added a Region Selector in login screens and KeeperFill for Apps

  • Users on the Web Vault are encouraged to download the Desktop App for performing automated transfer from LastPass.

  • Import from Bitwarden now supports TOTP seeds for Two-Factor Authentication.

  • Import from Bitwarden now supports multiple URL fields.

Bug Fixes

  • VAUL-4848: 1Password import not importing secure notes field

  • VAUL-4851: Safari Sierra and High Sierra not importing passwords

  • VAUL-4852: Import token invalid in AU region

  • VAUL-4543: User cannot save an address that does not have a title

  • VAUL-4586: Access Delay for Emergency Access displays incorrectly

  • VAUL-4640: Long security answer blocks user from using Account Recovery

  • VAUL-4797: Clicking the dice button on an existing record should not reduce the complexity.

  • VAUL-4911: Kaspersky import fails when the data contains certain reserved words

  • VAUL-4946: Card type not being displayed when typing in the credit card number

  • VAUL-4960: File drag-and-drop into a New record is not being saved on first try

  • VAUL-4941: Hebrew language is showing the TOTP code in reverse order

  • Multiple Record Types bug fixes. Learn More about the upcoming record types feature.

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