Upgrade Instructions

Instructions for upgrading the Keeper Bridge

When upgrading the Keeper Bridge, please follow the below instructions:

(1) Take note of all your Bridge settings and particularly your Domain Filters. Save the Domain Filter settings in a text file for each section (Node, Role, Team, User).

(2) Save a copy of the Bridge SQLite database, typically located under: C:\ProgramData\Keeper Enterprise Bridge\ks_enterprise.sqlite

(3) Run the new Bridge installer for the new version. This will uninstall the old Bridge version and install the new Bridge version. The Keeper Bridge can be downloaded from the Admin Console at the below location:

(4) Enter the settings in the Configuration section and verify that all your parameters and settings have been maintained properly in the new version.

(5) If all looks good you are ready. If anything does not look correct please contact Keeper Enterprise Support for assistance.

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