G Suite Configuration

How to configure Keeper SSO Connect with G Suite for seamless and secure SAML 2.0 authentication.

G Suite

To access G Suite Admin Console, login to https://gsuite.google.com.

Then select Sign in.

Select on the Apps section. Select on SAML apps.

Select the + button. Then select custom app:

On the Google IdP Information screen, download the IDP metadata and save it to your computer for later.

Select NEXT.

On the Basic information screen, type in the Application Name, Description and upload the Keeper logo file keeper256x256.png. Then select NEXT.

On the Service Provider Details screen, you need to enter the ACS URL and Entity ID. These values come from the Keeper SSO Connect configuration screen. Copy and Paste the information from SSO Connect to the Service Provider screen on G Suite.

You must also check the box for "Signed Response".

Input the ACS URL and Entity ID from Keeper SSO Connect to G Suite screen:

  • Example: Entity ID = https://keeper.domain.com:8443/sso-connect ACS URL = https://keeper.domain.com:8443/sso-connect/saml/sso

Select NEXT then proceed to the Attribute Mapping screen. You need to select on ADD NEW MAPPING and create 3 fields: First, Last and Email. Map those fields exactly as it appears below. The spelling needs to be exact:

Select on FINISH and your G Suite setup is complete. You will be informed that you still need to import the IDP data on Keeper SSO Connect.

To enable Keeper SSO Connect, for your users, select the more button and enable:

Import G Suite Metadata

  • On the Keeper SSO Connect application configuration screen, drag-and-drop the metadata file into the SAML Metadata section of Keeper SSO Connect:

  • Select on Save and verify that all of the parameters match your G Suite SAML connection screens.

Your Keeper SSO Connect setup is now complete!