Enterprise End-User (SSO)

This end-user guide was created for Enterprise customers who deploy Keeper through an existing Single Sign-On Identity Provider (IdP) such as Azure, ADFS or Okta.

Keeper is simple to install, easy to use, and you’ll be up and running in just minutes. You can create and access your Keeper vault either directly from your SSO provider dashboard, or by logging in directly from Keeper.

The video below highlights the SSO end-user experience.

SSO Login End-User Experience

SSO Login Flow

Start from SSO Provider Dashboard

Log in to your existing Single Sign-On identity provider as you normally do.

Launch the Keeper Application

Inside your identity provider, the administrator has integrated Keeper. Simply click the Keeper icon to login to your Vault.

Complete Vault Registration

The first time you access your vault, you will be asked to select a custom security question and security answer. The security question is used as an optional account recovery process. Please choose a strong security question and answer that only you know. The security answer must be at least 10 characters long.

If account recovery is not available, your Keeper Administrator may be able to transfer your Vault to another Keeper account.

Click Create Account and wait a few seconds until your private encryption keys are created. Once completed, your account is active and ready to use.

Import Passwords

The first time inside your Keeper Vault, you'll be asked to import your existing passwords. Click Next to install the Keeper import tool and begin the import process.

After installing the import tool, you'll be asked to copy-paste a code or "token" from the Vault into the import tool.

Once the import tool finds all the passwords on your device, you will be presented with a screen to finish the import.

If you are using an existing password manager or if your passwords are stored in a spreadsheet or text file, you can import those passwords by following the instructions on the setup screen.

After import is complete, you are taken to your Keeper Vault.

Keeper-Initiated Login Flow

To login to your Keeper Vault directly from the KeeperSecurity.com website or desktop/mobile app, click on Enterprise SSO Login then type in the Enterprise Domain provided by your Keeper administrator. Then click Connect.

Login to Keeper from: https://keepersecurity.com/vault

You will be prompted to login to your Single Sign-On identity provider.

After signing into your Single Sign-On Provider, you will be automatically logged into your Keeper vault.

Login to Sites with KeeperFill

When you click on the Website Address field of a Keeper record, you'll be prompted to install the KeeperFill browser extension. The KeeperFill Extension allows you to login to websites and create new passwords automatically.

KeeperFill is available for every web browser. Complete the installation by adding the extension to your browser either from your browser's add-on store or from Keeper's Download page.

When you attempt to log into a site, Keeper will appear (if logged into the browser extension). Visit the browser toolbar to configure your settings and preferences for the KeeperFill features.

The "Website Address" in your Keeper vault record must match the website domain in order to autofill it on the website.

Install Keeper Applications

Download Keeper to access your Keeper Vault from any platform and be able to use it for native applications across all of your devices.

A native application is an app that is developed specifically for a certain device or platform.

Visit: https://keepersecurity.com/download to download the Keeper App for all of your mobile and desktop devices.

Mobile and Desktop App Login

From the desktop and mobile app login screen, click on Enterprise SSO Login and then enter your Enterprise Domain provided by your Keeper administrator.

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More videos are available at: https://keepersecurity.com/support

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