Import Text File (.csv)

Instructions on how to import a generic or specific .csv file into Keeper.

Import Text File (.csv)

(1) Log into Keeper's web vault at

(2) Click on your account email in the upper right-hand corner.

(3) Click on Settings > Import.

(4) If the .csv file was generated from a specific password manager, please select the password manager from the list of choices. If this is a generic .csv file generated from another source, proceed with the "Text file (.csv)" selection.

(5) Drag the exported file into the target window "Drop a File Here"

(6) Use the drop-down menu in each column to map to a Keeper field.

(7) Click on Import.

Select Settings

Select .csv or another password manager
Drop a File Here
Review the imported records
If necessary, the columns can be re-mapped to different fields

Advanced Field Mapping

Keeper's CSV import method also supports advanced structure including Folders, Subfolders and Shared Folders.

File Format

Folder,Title,Login,Password,Website Address,Notes,Shared Folder,Custom Fields

• To specify subfolders, use backslash "\" between folder names

• To make a Shared Folder specify the name or path to it in the 7th field

Example 1: Create a regular folder at the root level with 2 custom fields

My Business Stuff,Twitter,,123456,,These are some notes,,API Key,5555,Date Created,2018-04-02

Example 2: Create a shared subfolder inside another folder with edit and re-share permission

Personal,Twitter,,123456,,,Social Media#edit#reshare