Import from Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge and Opera

Instructions on how to import records from popular browsers.

Keeper can automatically import unprotected passwords from web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer and Opera automatically from the Keeper Web Vault and Keeper Desktop Application.


(1) Log into Keeper's web vault at or simply login to the Keeper Desktop App (download from

(2) Click on your account email in the upper right-hand corner.

(3) Click on Settings > Import then select Import button at the top of the screen.

(4) If you are using the Web Vault, Keeper will prompt you to download the Keeper Import Tool. This is a small application that runs on your computer to import any found passwords.

Web Vault users install the Import Tool

The Import Tool will download into your default Downloads folder.

(5) Copy the code provided to your clipboard by clicking the copy button.

(6) If necessary, unzip the Keeper Import application in your download folder.

(7) Launch the Import Tool.

On the PC: You can just click on Run when prompted. On MacOS: You will encounter a few Keychain permission windows that will need your computer password to allow Keeper to access your web browsers.

(8) Keeper will then ask for your token. Paste the code you copied previously in step 5 and click Import.

(9) Keeper will import all of the passwords that it can find in your local web browsers. Review the passwords and select which records you would like to import. Click Add to Keeper to import the selected passwords.

Please note that Keeper cannot import passwords from the Apple Keychain for security reasons. Apple does not permit Keeper, or any other provider to access the Keychain.

(10) Once you have completed the import and verified that the data appears properly in your Keeper Vault, we recommend deleting stored passwords from your web browser, and turning off password saving features from your web browser settings.

We recommend turning off your Web Browser's password saving and filling features. Visit the Settings or Preferences screen of your web browser to turn off these features.