Import from Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge and Opera

Instructions on how to import records from popular browsers.


  1. Log into Keeper's web vault at

  2. Click on your account email in the upper right-hand corner.

  3. Click on Settings > Import Tab > Import fro web browser.

  1. Keeper will ask to install the Keeper Import tool. Click on Install.

2. The app will download into your downloads folder. Copy the code given into your clipboard.

3. Unzip the Keeper Import application in your download folder. Launch the app.

4. On the PC: You can just click on Run when prompted. Mac: You will encounter a few Keychain permission windows that will need your computer password to allow Keeper to access your web browsers.

5. Keeper will then ask for your token. Paste the code you copied previously and click Import.

6. Keeper will report websites that you can scroll though and uncheck if you don't want specific websites stored. Click Add to Keeper to import the selected passwords.