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Keeper Secrets Manager and Keeper Commander platform overview

Keeper Secrets Manager

Keeper Secrets Manager provides your DevOps, IT Security and software development teams with a fully cloud-based, Zero-Knowledge platform for managing all of your infrastructure secrets.

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Keeper Commander

Keeper Commander is Keeper's feature rich CLI interface to Keeper® Password Manager. Useful for power users, system admins and various automation tasks.

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About Keeper

Keeper Security is the leading password security platform to protect your enterprise from password-related data breaches and cyberthreats.

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Platform Benefits

Protects Your Organization Against Ransomware Attacks Keeper protects your organization against ransomware attacks using robust administration, controls and visibility over strong password security and real-time dark web monitoring. Mitigates Risk of Data Breaches Keeper uses a proprietary, zero-knowledge security architecture that supports on-prem, cloud and hybrid-cloud environments for client-side encryption key management.

Bolsters Security and Privacy Each employee gets a private, encrypted vault for storing and managing their passwords, credentials, files and private client data.

Boosts Employee Productivity Reduces help desk costs, saves employees time, reduces frustration and eliminates the need for employees to reuse and remember passwords.

Enables Secure Sharing of Credentials and Secrets Keeper allows IT Admins to enable secure, granular and controlled sharing of credentials, secrets and vaults among employees and teams.

Robust Compliance and Reporting Supports role-based access controls, 2FA, auditing, event reporting and industry compliance with NIST, PCI DSS, SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, DPA, FINRA and GDPR.

Keeper also helps organizations meet and satisfy Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance requirements by enforcing internal controls and security safeguards to protect an organization's financial data and digital assets.

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Integration with Keeper Password Manager

Keeper's end-user applications on the Web Vault, Desktop App, Browser Extension and Mobile Apps are built for more than just secrets.

The Keeper Admin Console provides advanced user provisioning, role enforcement policies, SSO integration, SIEM reporting, security scoring and dark web monitoring of secrets.

In addition to protecting all of your DevOps secrets, Keeper protects all of your end-users as a world class Enterprise Password Manager. Keeper can be deployed alongside any Single Sign-On solution such as Microsoft Azure, Okta, Ping, Duo or any other SAML 2.0 compatible identity provider.

Keeper's Security Audit provides insights into the password and secret strength across your infrastructure and end-users.

Keeper supports integration into any 3rd party SIEM solution like Splunk, Azure Sentinel or any other Syslog-compatible solution.

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