Sync files from a SFTP server with credentials in the Keeper Vault


Use credentials stored in the Keeper Vault to facilitate a connection to your FTP server, then Commander can automatically download files from the server to a specified location on your machine.

Secure your SFTP credentials, or automate file download or backup with Commander.

Sync Files

To use the Commander SFTP sync, utilize the rsync command

First Time Setup

The first time you run the SFTP sync, you need to provide the plugin type, path to remote files, and credentials record to use.

--plugin the plugin type to use (use SFTP)

--remote-path path to files you want to download in the SFTP directory

--record UID or path to record that holds the SFTP credentials


rsync "path/to/files_location/" --plugin sftp --remote-path "/path/to/files" --record "credentials/SFTP creds"

Once you have specified these options once, Commander will retain the settings by saving them to the record you provided. Subsequent SFTP syncs can be run by only providing the location to download files to.

rsync "path/to/files_location/"

Automating Sync

Commander can be automated in a number of ways. See the Batch Mode documentation for more information. This section will cover an example of automating the SFTP sync.

Run Recurring SFTP Sync

Commander can be configured to run commands on a given cadence by editing the Commander configuration file.

After you have run the first time setup for the SFTP sync, Commander can be configured to sync on a given cadence.

To automate Commander to sync with your SFTP server every 24 hours, add the following fields to the configuration:

"commands": ["rsync"],

"timedelay": 86400

Complete configuration file example:

    "server": "keepersecurity.eu",
    "user": "services@company.com",
    "private_key": "yaeK4jMeIGNkSR2[...]AA",
    "device_token": "g6RDMxr[...]z-xQ",
    "commands": ["rsync"],
    "timedelay": 86400

Once configured, run Commander with the edited configuration file to start the automation. This can be done from the command line/terminal.

$> keeper shell --config "/sync.conf"

Note that there may be additional fields in your configuration file. See the documentation for more information.

Commander will continue to run while it waits for the next command run. If Commander is terminated, or the machine is turned off, Commander will need to be started again to continue.

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