Proton Pass Import

Automatic Migration of your Proton Pass Vault


This document outlines the steps required to seamlessly migrate your Proton Pass Vault data into Keeper.

Export your Proton Pass Data as a JSON File

By default, Proton Pass exports your data as a JSON File. Exporting on Proton Pass is only supported on the Proton Pass Browser Extension.

To export on Proton Pass:

  1. Navigate to settings on your Proton Pass Browser Extension

  2. Click on the Export tab and select Export.

This will export a zip file that contains the JSON file. Keeper commander gives you the option of providing either the zip file or the JSON file as input.

Import your Proton Pass Data into Keeper

On Keeper Commander and with the exported zip file, executing the following command will import your Proton Pass Data:

import --format=proton

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