Backend API Version 16.11.0

Released on January 10, 2024


  • KA-3754, KA-5157: Support for our new Time-Limited Access feature

  • KA-5689: Support for new Granular Sharing Enforcements feature

  • KA-5519: Cloud SSO Configuration shall be node-unique non-shareable across different SSO nodes IF In Use

  • KA-5741, KA-5836: Support for Team Approvals (team creation) via Keeper Automator

  • KA-5628: Support for Security Key as the only two-factor method

  • DU-352: Added support for new policy "Disable ability to create duplicate" (DISABLE_CREATE_DUPLICATE)

Bug Fixes

  • KA-5350, KA-5694: Certain audit event reports which consolidate information are returning too many events. For example: audit-report --report-type=span --event-type=record_password_change --column=record_uid --column=audit_event_type --record-uid=<RECORD_UID>

  • KA-5438: Error when deleting a Cloud SSO instance from an empty node tree

  • KA-5692: If a MSP admin launches into an MC and attempt to perform an account transfer they are getting error “This user is not in a role that has the “Can Be Transferred” enforcement turned on error and cannot complete the transfer.

  • KA-5804: Support for some hardware security keys that failed due to "invalid size"

  • KA-5769: Some users receive 400 error on get_team_members (viewing team members in the vault user interface)

Security Updates

  • KA-4055: Added additional API changes to support server-side verification when a user is prompted for master password re-entry in certain scenarios. This is a low severity finding from Bugcrowd. Releated client tickets VAUL-6192, EM-6185.

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