Backend API Version 16.12.0

Released on March 5, 2024


  • KA-5180: New ARAM event for alternate master password creation

Bug Fixes

  • KA-5512, KA-5521: Compliance reports fixes, including that folder UID displays properly for shared folder with only teams and users with no records don’t display as blank values in user criteria section

  • KA-5636, KA-5673: Fixed cases where record transfer email notification contained incorrect URL and/or UID

  • KA-5792: Restoring a sub-folder that was previously deleted now restores all shortcuts

  • KA-5888: Users are able to share a record outside of the enterprise even if assigned to a role that restricts receiving items from outside the enterprise

  • KA-5889: Shared folder is removed from vault immediately after deletion rather than only after full sync

  • KA-5901: Team role-mapping properly restricts one-time share usage

  • KA-5918: Bulk user actions have privilege checks enforced

  • KA-5938: If a user is a member of two roles with passphrase generator restrictions, the resulting rules for the user are both accounted for

  • KA-5945: If a legacy consumer user already exists with an invalid email address (for example, .con instead of .com), we allow the user to login and change their email


  • KA-4349: Support FriendlyName as SAML2 IDP attribute for Cloud SSO

  • KA-5266: Extended support for large numbers of users being modified concurrently

  • KA-5537: SCIM is prevented from creating the same user twice

  • KA-5553: When a user changes their logout timer, push to all devices instantly

  • KA-5709: Display support package information in the Admin Console

  • KA-5757: Accessibility improvements to color and spinner on certain Cloud SSO screens

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